Jaguar 1968 E-Type Series I 4.2-Litre Coupe

An instant success, Jaguar's sublime E-Type managed to keep pace with the fast-changing demands of the 1960's.  While never officially referred to as "Series 1.5," the interim models of 1968 featured open headlamps and a switch from toggles to rocker-type switches inside.  Export models utilized twin Stromberg carburetors, which were easier to tune.  In short, buyers of the Series l cars of late 1967 through 1968 got an improved, more comfortable and reliable Jaguar for their money.
This fascinating example is highly authentic, retaining a mostly original paint finish and original interior.  It was built to a desirable specification including wire-spoke wheels and a manual gearbox.  Based upon its chassis number, body style, and August 1967 build date, 1E34580 is a very early open-headlamp E-Type Coupe, and it was depicted and discussed as such in Thomas Haddock's definitive Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Restoration & Originality Guide.  Offered complete with a JDHT Certificate, this E-Type Coupe marks a truly historic find for Jaguar enthusiasts and collectors everywhere.

Stock #


Chassis #

1E 34580

Exterior Color

Carmen Red

Ineterior Color


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