Peugot 1914 145S Torpedo Tourer

1914 Peugeot 145S Torpedo Tourer
Chassis No. 20644
Engine No. KC20644
Believed to be the single remaining 145s model in existence, out of the 325 originally built by Peugeot during 1913-1914.  The 145s was a popular sport tourer powered by a substantial four-cylinder endine of 4.5 liters displacement.  Featuring pressure lubrication to its three cranshaft main bearings, the engine was backed by a four-speed transmission.  This car is documented by Automobiles Peugeot as leaving their factory on May 30, 1914 for trans-Atlantic delivery to the ""New York area and is certified as a 1914 model by the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain.  This car re-appeared in the 1950's under the ownership of a doctor who frequently drove it on antique vehicle tours.  
In 1968 this car was in the public eye.  It first was featured on the Peugeot stand at the 1968 New York International Auto Show.  Then it was driven coast-to-coast by its owner on the 6700 mile Transcontinental Tour, an antique car rally held in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the famed New York-Paris race of 1908.
In the mid-1990's it was fully restored for a prestigious collection by noted restorer Allan Taylor of California.  It was redone in its period authentic colors of aubergine and Bordeaux red with caramel leather interior.  The original wicker truck and side-mounted umbrella holder add to this car's considerable charm.
It has been shown at several major concours d'elegance including the Louis Vuitton Classic at the Hurlinham Club in London where it received a class award.
This is a wonderful example of a pre-1915 ""brass-era"" car that is well equipped for touring.

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