Rolls-Royce 1937 Phantom III Close Coupled Sports Coupe by Inskip

This Phantom III chassis arrived via the S.S. Carinthia on July 19,  1937 and was sent to Inskip of New York,  the Rolls-Royce distributor and coach builder.    It was fitted with a limousine body and sold to Mrs. Margaret Dunlop of New Amsterdam,  New York.   In 1940,  Mrs. Dunlop returned the car to Inskip and commissioned them to build a one-off close-coupled sports coupe,  which is the present body.   She owned the car until 1946 when it was sold to WJ Noonan of Massachusetts. 
The ownership history follows: 

1947 - LW Bickford,  Massachusetts, 
1951 - Frederick Palmer,  Connecticut, 
1970 - Thomas Kilbane,  Ohio, 
1971 - James Stickey,  Iowa, 
1972 - Fred Brown,  Ohio, 
1975 - Raymond Gilbrech,  Arkansas, 
1989 - Charles Crail,  CA, 
1989 - Gerry Porter,  England, 
1998 - Belgium collector

During Mr. Palmer's ownership,  the Inskip service records file show extensive mechanical work as well as paintwork from 1953-54. 
The car was featured in True Magazine's 1958 Auto Yearbook,  as well as featured on the front of Dan Post's book Volume I,  The British Rolls-Royce.   It also won the coveted Gold Cup and first place at the National Rolls-Royce meet.
When we purchased the car in 1989,  the mileage was 50,571 and we believed it to be correct.  The car comes complete with service history from Inskip from 1938.  
The last owner recently drove the car from Stockholm to London with no mechanical problems.  Prior to his departure,  he spent approximately $25, 000 with his trusted mechanic to make sure his journey would not be a disappointment.  The invoices for that work is also available.
This car comes with the Phantom III handbook and almost a complete set of tools.   The interior is being totally re-done. 
This is a unique opportunity to purchase a 12 cylinder Rolls-Royce with a remarkably styled coachwork.
Please note that the photo of the car in ivory and blue was taken in 1988.   The black and white photo was take in 1952 when 3CP124 was having an engine overhaul at the Inskip New York service center.   You can see the car in the background with the lights grill hanging next to the car.   The photo appears in the book,  Rolls Royce In America by John de Campi.   We also have the actual invoice for this work.
The other Black and White photo,  below, is from a original Inskip advertisement.

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