Mercedes-Benz 1963 220SE Cabriolet

This 1963 220SE Convertible was originally purchased in Europe by one of the heiresses to the SC Johnson fortune.  She eventually sold the car at a fundraiser to M.S. Koly, a renowned and fastidious classic car aficionado who has a collection of award winning classic automobiles.  He had the car completely restored to perfection by world famous Black Horse Garage.  He sold the car to to a collector in California and it next went to the Hamptons (NY).  The current owner resides in Burmingham, AL and has kept it properly maintained.  The odometer reads 57,700 km (35,800 mi).
This is one of the finest restored 220SE convertibles we have ever seen.  Everything on the car was either replaced or rebuilt.  The car was stripped to bare metal and repainted.  The interior was completely redone including wood, leather, and carpeting.  The brightwork is excellent.  All of the mechanical components were rebuilt, including the engine, and the car has always been properly maintained.  A restoration to this degree would cost around $100,000 assuming you can find an excellent rust free example to start with.

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