This car was built to look as close to a factory car as possible and have a lower operating cost than a cup car. Porsche Motorsports parts were sourced prior to any other purchase. Truly, no expense was spared. Initially, the project was a scheduled two year build - it took five. Pictures of the entire build are are available, and pics of any needed area can be supplied. Spares acquired during build are included.

You could buy this car, hook up the trailer, and drive to the race track. It literally is ready to go!!

The car weighs 2718 lbs with 12-14 gallons of fuel.
Classed in POC; GT3 at approximately 320 hp.

2000 996 cabriolet, completely stripped and then installed custom built 1 3/4" full Porsche Cup car style cage. Reinforced rear shock mounts inside tub. Cage is tied to all four shock mounts plus chassis, full width knee bar, lower intrusion bar on driver's side. Cage was duplicated to match the Porsche design with door X's and the tacos at the 'A' pillars, door X's and rear hoop X, all done for safety and to look factory. Pre-assembly of car was done to weld mount tabs, air jack tubes, and any components that needed mounts or brackets. Rear wheel well caps were re-tubbed for race tires (copying factory RSR).

Chassis was bead blasted then powder coated (White) for durability and cleanliness.

Rear carriers machined 10mm to lower chassis. All mounts were replaced with PMNA solid mounts. LCA's are Fabcar with PMNA spherical ends. All dog bones and tuning forks are Mathis Engineering. Track rods and front tie rods are PMNA. There are no rubber mounts anywhere, this is a full hiem jointed suspension. Steering rack is PMNA RSR shorten, with proper PMNA electric steering pump. Sachs Cup car shocks with Eibach mains and helpers. PMNA rear and front top shock mounts. Front and rear Porsche anti-rolls bars (five hole adjustable) with Tarrett drop links. HRG has done a corner balance and alignment, car set-up.

RSR BBS 18" three piece wheels, machined for wheel nuts, can be used as center mount also. These are the real deal RSR center mounts with room for massive calipers. Rear tires are 330/710R Yokahama with 4 heat cycles on all. Bulleted wheel studs.

One spare RSR center and two spare cup car centers included.

996 Brembo brakes wit Porterfield R4 racing pads with drilled rotors. Motul racing brake fluid. NO racing hours on ANY.

996; 6-speed, just rebuilt with less than one hour of use. PMNA raised shifter base. Numeric Racing shift cables. Assco lightweight flywheel. Sachs racing pressure plate and disc. New/updated throw out bearing, lever, and pivot post. RSS solid trans mount.

996 3.4 rebuilt and re-sleeved to 3.6 liters by 9XX motors. JE pistons and rings. Carrillo 'H' beam rods. Upgraded high performance valve springs. IMS updated. Bilt Racing deep sump oil pan (2 qt) upgrade and all associated Porsche oil pick-ups. Brand new factory oil pump installed during rebuild. Upgraded Bilt X51 oil baffle and windage tray. Receipt on build in hand. SS headers/pipes with Porsche Cup car center exit muffler which is wrapped with a Thermo-tec blanket. RSS underdrive pulley and Porsche factory turbo water pump. RSS motor mounts. GSR power steering pump delete. Flywheel and clutch were rotation balanced to make up/down revs smoother. Center mounted engine hour clock in motor bay. CURRENTLY 1.2 HOURS ON MOTOR AND TRANSMISSION.

Motec Club dash system with SLM and GPS. Wiring system was completely removed form car. All unnecessary circuits removed to lighten harness. All electrical safety systems removed and ECU reprogrammed to run without them by HRG. HRG refit the harness to the car down the center tunnel (like the factory) to fuse panel on passenger side knee bar. HRG verified all was correct and programmed the Motec to talk to the stock ECU.

Complete Motorola radio system for driver to pit. Includes car base radio, wired to driver seat with IMSA plug. Two Motorola CP200 portables, spare batteries, belts and holsters. Also, two Motorola BTH noise reduction headsets for crew members.

Chasecam three (3) camera video system. Has 4" TV screen in car, control/record button on shifter. Dash switch on center console to change camera views.

Porsche Motorsports factory RSR high output headlights.

Odyssey Extreme lightweight battery with corner worker shut-off.

SPA 4.0I electrical fire system. Dash button and exterior button. Nozzles cover engine, driver, and fuel tank. System recharge due: 11/16.

Recaro halo seat with new Schroth 6 point belts (2021).
Simpson center net and window net.
BSCI FIA rollbar padding.
Fuel tank was fitted with fuel cell foam for safety by Harmon Fuel Cells.
Pre-fabrication fro AirJax lift cylinders. Kronte fill valve installed in PMNA bracket.
Converted to single windshield wiper (functions on/off).
Seat belt mounts on passenger side.
Momo Mod.07 (suede) with Rothsport quick release and PTT button.

John Simone RSR clone - all fiberglass. John is well known in Southern California for his 993 EVO cars. This is his newest creation and this car is the second to be built. Currently, there are two street versions. One on a 996 (sold at auction), second on a 997 turbo (not completed) which is in Orange County. One additional race car is in progress, but not to this level. It is truly on of a kind. John modifies each build for each owner's preferences. This one duplicated the factory 2007 RSR body and paint scheme.

The front inlets are full functioning carbon fiber with PMNA factory RSR side side and center radiators. Center radiator is behind a PMNA RSR stone grill with carbon fiber exit duct at the front trunk edge. Carbon fiber brake inlets to ducted front brakes. Front micro dive planes. PMNA RSR yellow headlight covers. Hood has two functioning NACA ducts supplying vented air to the driver. Hood is on factory hinges with struts and latches with AeroCatch(s).

Carbon fiber doors (interior) with factory (race style) handles. Porsche RSR/Cup door mirrors.

Carbon fiber 997 style dash with factory dash vents and carbon fiber center console and dash face.

Fiberglass roof lined with aluminized padding for heat reduction.

Rear deck lid with RSR intake ducts and duck tail. Adjustable carbon fiber anhedral wing with PMNA wicker on chromed aluminum supports. Lid secures with pins and AeroCatch(s).

Vented rear wheel liners, front wheel liners also.

Rear bumper lined with silver aluminized heat reduction padding. Rear motor area lined with gold heat foil to keep cockpit cooler. Rear carbon fiber lower diffuser. 996 tail lights and 997 center brake light under window. Tail lights function for brake, running, and reverse.

Porsche factory (swing in/out) front and rear tow hooks. Rennline transport tie down hooks front and rear.

Porsche factory Lexan rear rear window with Capital City Motorsports hold downs. Vented Lexan quarter windows. 1/4" Lexan front windscreen with tear-off and Capital City hold downs and center support. Have two additional interior windscreen supports for IMSA style or thinner windscreen. Stock rear view mirror.

All body panels can be removed from the car to the bare chassis, 19 pieces total. Rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear center, rear deck lid, roof, rear quarters, doors, rockers, hood and nose, plus wheel liners. Entire car was painted with PPG and clear coated. Decals are removable. PMNA RSR/GT3 dust cover and bag.

Numerous parts throughout car were powder coated black for easy maintenance.


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