Jaguar 1950 Mk V 3.5 Litre Drophead Coupe

The Jaguar MkV (produced from 1948-1951) was debuted at the same time as the XK120, yet it outsold the latter more than 2 to 1.  The new MkV chassis, more powerful engine, torsion bar suspension (equipped with double wishbones and a single torsion bar in front) and 18" wheels produced an altogether smooth ride characteristic with traditional balance of comfort.  In addition, the MkV featured hydraulic brakes and Coker radial tires, unlike its predecessor, resulting in safe and enjoyable touring.  The styling of the car followed prewar SS-Jaguar lines with upright chrome grille and the leaping Jaguar radiator cap mascot became available as an option.
This example has been the subject of a complete restoration and is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically.  The three-position top, sumptuous red leather interior, deep black paint, exquisite wood dash and trim, and re-plated chrome accents are all in near perfect condition.
The car comes with a set of hand tools in the boot and original operating and maintenance handbook.  This beautiful Jag is completely ready for the next owner to enjoy. 

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