A one-off made by Alvis Ltd. an English car company,  Master of the Kings Highway"".   The British call them a ""shooting brake"". Wagons were originally used as a hunting vehicle to carry dogs on fox hunts. 
This chassis and running gear was produced on June 6th 1947 and then shipped to B. Waterhouse & Sons Ltd., a local U.K. Alvis dealer in Bradford.   A custom built body was made for the Headmaster of Gigglesworth school in North Yorkshire (address: ""A dweller on the path by the hedge"").  Apparently, they were in no hurry, for in fact, it took 2 years to complete.   Delivered in 1949, the car changed ownership 3 times until it was rescued from a barn on English country estate in 1996.
It has undergone a comprehensive nut and bolt, body-off-the-frame restoration including all new African mahogany wood refitted.   This was accomplished by the Old Car Vicarage Ltd., just north of London, matching the original wood pattern to perfection.  The aluminum aerobody was restored, with 2 new matching alloy fenders installed, and then painted the original color of Baltic Black and  new wiring, shocks, springs, glass, etc. refitted.   The entire drivetrain was rebuilt to new and in fact, ten years later, it still only carries approx. 1424 miles on the odometer. 
The car resided in the U.K. until 2002 when it was shipped to Arizona where the original interior was replaced with Biscuit 'soft touch' and new B.F. Goodrich W.W.W. tires mounted.
This car has won numerous awards including ""The British Car Award"" in Tubac, Arizona.   The history also includes a stint as campaign car for Jack Straw, current Secretary of State in England, while he was campaigning for a seat in the British Parliament.   It is accompanied with complete documentation, including original manual, build sheet, historical letters, extra parts, photo's of the before & after restoration and awards. 

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