Bentley 1934 3 1/2 Litre Fixed Head Sedanca Coupe by Barker

This 3 1/2 Litre Bentley was ordered by Captain Allistair MacIntosh of Ascot, England, but it was displayed at the Olympia Motor Show in October 1934 on the Barker stand.  The Sedanca Coupe body by Barker is believed to be one of two made.  In 1941, the ownership transferred to Mrs. McMillan of Roby, Near Liverpool, England.
In the mid 1950's the car was exported to the United States and was owned by John Utz of Rochester, New York.  Mr. Utz sold the car to Charles Crowhurst of New Jersey in 1965.   In 1971, the ownership transferred to its last owner Malcolm Konner of New Jersey. 
This stylish car is finiished in ivory with black wings, chrome waist moldings and dummy hood irons.  The interior has an unusual French styling which includes a polished chrome plated dash, door fillets, and window surrounds.  The interior is gray leather and mostly original.  The doors hang well and the wood subframe is in very good condition.  This car is fully documented and runs well.  

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